Phantom Love by Constant Dullaart

Phantom Love is a disappearing army of artificially construed identities, delivering poems written by Dullaart and others, as comments to Instagram images. The army of fake human microphones questions who or what is amplified on social media and how these constructs are used to mobilise communities in response to certain topics. Often mimicking the nuances and intricacies of human life, bots are being administered in many ways to influence our behavior. New drops to instagram accounts will be released at #thisispublicspace.

Over a period of several weeks the poems will be delivered to accounts of people or institutions that offer public services. Launching with a poem delivered to EU council’s Instagram, the commission can be viewed on instagram or via Rhizome's  web recorder, in anticipation of the bot accounts being identified and subsequently dismantled #attentionrip.

Dullaart works primarily with the Internet as an alternative space of presentation and (mis)representation. His often-political approach is critical of the control that corporate systems have upon our perception of the world, and the way in which we passively adopt their languages.

This is Public Space is an ongoing series of web commissions curated by UP Projects. The commissions pose questions about what constitutes public space in the 21st Century, inviting artists to experiment with the internet and consider it as a performative, malleable, influential and contradictory space. Artists are invited to interrogate the complexity of the internet, considering this domain as both a platform for presentation and a mechanism that requires investigation. While each individual commission offers a new avenue for contemplation, collectively the series pose numerous timely and relevant questions about the evolution of this realm and its impact on society in our contemporary time.  

This is Public Space has presented works by artists based across the world at all stages of their career. Previous commissions have included Dream Season, 2017 by John Walter, Capacity, 2016 by Hannah Black and Overseas, 2016 by Lawrence Lek.