Up Projects,

We are living in unprecedented times. As we adjust to the challenges of social distancing and lock down measures due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, UP Projects will endeavour to respond creatively, as we continue to curate and commission public art in both the physical and digital domains. We remain committed to our team and the artists we are currently collaborating with and will remain flexible as we continue to deliver our programme - albeit in adapted forms. We will also be developing a new commission responding directly to the present context via This is Public Space, UP Projects' digital commissioning strand launched in 2016. 

This is Public Space considers the online realm as a site for public art and creates space to investigate how we navigate between the online and physical worlds, exploring the impact of digital media on our relationships with people and places. As our social interactions now largely exist on digital platforms, This Is Public Space seems all the more vital as a way for artists to respond to the extraordinary circumstances that we find ourselves in. We have therefore created a new commission that invites an artist to respond directly to the changed climate we are living through via an online project – free and open to all to engage with. This commission promises to be responsive, critical and participatory. Please watch this space as we release further details relating to this project over the next few months.