Up Projects,

Graphic Identity Designed by HATO

This summer, UP Projects is working with the London Borough of Newham to curate and produce a series of eight community broadcasts that will explore the role creativity can play during challenging times, such as those we are living through today. Starting at the end of June and running until the middle of August, the Newham Unlocked Community Broadcasts will shine a light on Newham’s creative communities and create a virtual stage for all to come together through what they make.  


Every day across Newham, people are using their imagination and skills to get through these incredibly challenging times. In a time of social distancing, uncertainty and grief, creativity can offer relief, connections and contribute to recovery. A message that is all-the-more poignant in a borough that has been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Through an open call, Newham’s residents are invited to submit homemade videos showcasing their talents and offering insight into the role creativity plays in their life. Each weekly Broadcast will feature a host from Newham, who will share their creative skills and love of dance, singing, writing and photography to inspire others to join in and get involved.  

The Community Broadcasts will be edited by filmmaker Maël Hénaff, who will also produce original footage of the featured host.  We are working together with a community advisory panel made up of community leaders and young people from all corners of Newham who will help us ensure the project remains relevant to Newham and that the invitation reaches people far and wide.  

The Community Broadcasts is one of the first public projects coming out of Newham Unlocked, a new cultural programme launched by the London Borough of Newham to increase participation and opportunities in the arts, and showcase the creativity and internationalism of the borough from the inside-out. The project identity is designed by HATO.  

For more information: www.newhamunlockedbroadcasts.org