Laid to Rest by Serena Korda, The Brick Keeper's Dancers. Image: Tai Shani

We offer corporate social responsibility opportunities and membership benefits tailored to your organisation’s preferences including:

  • Access to inspiring cultural experiences
  • Chances to participate in social change
  • Opportunities for staff to volunteer

UP Projects’ Corporate Membership offers inspiring opportunities for staff and clients to engage with our work with artists and the public through our creative programme across London and the UK.

UP Projects’ work is unique and innovative – bringing the arts to new and existing audiences in both well known and harder to reach public places; transforming communities, enabling social change and promoting sustainability. Our work includes a dynamic variety of activities from supporting the professional development of artists, to thought–provoking workshops, inspiring talks and unique curated projects.

During the last 18 months UP Projects has worked with 2,000 Children and Young People, with a further 11,000 members of the public participating in over 200 workshops and events held across 16 boroughs. Your association with UP Projects will provide benefits and experiences for your staff and clients in line with corporate social responsibility objectives as well as support an acclaimed artistic programme.

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