Portavilion 2011


The Project

Portavilion is one of the most ambitious contemporary art projects to take place in London's public realm. Curated by Emma Underhill of up projects, it launched in 2008 with four temporary pavilions by internationally renowned artists in some of London’s most popular parks. This ongoing project explores the possibilities for temporary, large scale public art, and is as much a celebration of the city's most treasured open spaces as it is a cultural event. Portavilion 2010 with Raumlabor takes the project to a new level, pushing the potential for mobile, artist designed structures towards its logical conclusion.

Portavilion Curator, Emma Underhill said:

Portavilion is a mobile, expanding public art project and Raumlabor’s proposal is a fantastic addition to our series of artist’s pavilions for London’s parks. Its mobility and flexibility will enable us to take the work of a broad range of cultural organisations out of the museum, theatre or performance space and into some of the city’s most treasured green-spaces in an innovative and accessible way.”

The Themes

The brief to the artists participating in Portavilion is not prescriptive, but through the diversity of their approaches and their responses to the park environment, the following themes have emerged:

>>  INSPIRATION - artworks that are stimulating and thought provoking.
>>  CONNECTION - creating a sense of identity and connecting different public spaces accross the city
>>  RECREATION - artworks that are fun, interactive, pleasurable - creating places to meet, talk, play.
>>  ENVIRONMENT - acknowledging the importance of urban green space and it's impact on the quality of urban life

The Cultural Bubble

This new project by Raumabor taps into all of the above themes, and has facilitated not only connections between physical locations across the city, but also connections between the wealth of cultural institutions, organisations and festivals that contribute to London's rich cultural offer.  The translucent bubbles provides an inviting venue, performance or workshop space for these cultural providers to present their work in the relatively accessible environment of public parks and green spaces, enabling new audiences to experience their work, and also providing performers and artists with the opportunity to step out of the black box, performance space or gallery and into the public realm.

The Trail

Raumlabor's buble will visit a range of public parks and spaces from the Royal Parks' Speakers Corner, The Regents Park and Kensington Gardens, to smaller urban spaces such as Potters Fields Park and Allen Gardens, to the grounds of Eltham Palace and Bruce Castle.  See the Portavilion 2010 map for full details.